Helping children with SPD in nurseries

child with digger

Working to help children with sensory processing disorders (SPD) at a young age can have an invaluable, positive impact on their ability to cope in education as they grow older. The relative freedom that the nursery and pre-school environment affords children makes it the perfect place to help them to learn both the intellectual and practical skills that will set them up for primary school and beyond.

Diagnosing SPD

SPD is not one thing, rather, it describes a group of similar sensory disorders. To make matters more complicated, it is not yet recognised as an officially diagnosable illness by psychiatrists - they are not convinced at this time that diagnosing SPD is the best way to treat the symptoms. 

Two Coventry nurseries are first in UK to receive national award for quality

Sue Burrows - AfA Deputy Regional Lead, Patricia Watt – Nursery Owner, Caroline Taylor – Nursery Deputy, Linda Cramp Nursery Manager

Hope Nursery and Playdays Pre-school in Coventry are the first two early years’ settings in the non-maintained sector to receive a national award for improving the progress and wellbeing of all their children.

The Quality Mark Award, developed by national education charity Achievement for All, has been presented to both settings in recognition of the impressive work being done to ensure all children are given the best possible start in life and the foundations for a smooth transition into school.

Pirates Ahoy!

Pirate ship

Your school play area or play ground might never be the same again – it will be much more fun with one of our pirate ships!

The high seas are raging and the children are all aboard this latest play facility at Longshaw School in Blackburn. The boat, made from Robinia wood, set sail earlier this month. Whales and fish have been spotted and we are sure that a pirate was seen walking the plank.

Sophie, a pupil, commented ‘this is the best day of my life’, when we took a series of photos for the opening event recently, what more could you want out of a scheme.

A splash of fun in the school playground!

 playground fun

Our latest creation is bringing a little bit of the forest and stream into an Early Years and Foundation Stage outdoor area.

We were approached by a school who are particularly keen on the Forest School ethos – an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland or natural environment with trees.

The school is surrounded by terraced properties and many of its pupils have never experienced a woodland or forest – so we are making them one in their very own outdoor space.

New cycle track signals start of cycling revolution

New cycle track

A new specialist cycle track is being built in the grounds of an iconic Blackburn Park.

Blackburn with Darwen Council in partnership with Landscape Engineering Ltd have teamed-up to provide a Pump track and training course for cyclists at Witton Country Park.

The exciting new facility is being funded by the Council's Local Transport Plan and is being promoted through the Councils sustainable transport project BwD Connect.

This new facility aims to further strengthen cycling opportunities in the borough for all abilities.

The 50 metre long track will be a looped route known as a pump track, consisting of a series of rollers and berms that can be ridden without pedaling.

Top 10 Myths about teaching Science in EYFS

Top 10 Myths about teaching Science in EYFS

1. Science is too complicated

Whilst I think teaching advanced quantum mechanics to 3 year olds might be taking things a little too far, science is all around us and in everything we see and do. Anything is complicated when you look at it in enough detail.

Teaching the basic principles of science including: experimentation, observation, deducing / concluding findings, evidence based approaches, discovery, analysing, questioning, finding out the answers are things that children do naturally.

We need to nurture this in built curiosity and start to hone these skills from an early age. Skills that will be useful in all walks of life whether or not you end up becoming the next Stephen Hawking.

Choosing childcare, what are the options around nursery sessions?

young girl

For whatever reason, the decision to leave your child in the care of someone else is a very difficult one. Thankfully there is a world of choice when it comes to options and online search platforms such as that really does help to make difficult decisions easier. 

The Nanny

A Nanny has a more autonomous role, ensuring your child’s wellbeing and safety through responsible supervision within your own home. 

The award winning Cubetto Playset now available

Cubetto Playset

Cubetto is a Montessori-approved coding toy, designed to help children aged three years and up to write their first programs using a friendly wooden robot, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of tangible blocks, instead of text on screens.

Cubetto represents a significant benchmark in the field of computer programming, as it significantly lowering the age barrier for learning to code by removing a screen based interaction.

The aim of the toy is to control Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot who likes to be told where to go and how to get there, by creating sequences of instructions (programs) using the colourful blocks placed on Cubetto’s “board” or “control panel”: 

Creating the perfect sleep environment for your child


Helping your child get into a good sleeping routine can be challenging. A great place to start is to look at your child’s sleep environment. Their physical space can influence their approach to settling down and get to sleep peacefully. The following tips will help you create the perfect sleep environment for your child. 

Calming Colours

The colour painted on your child’s bedroom walls will influence their sleep routine more than you think, so choosing the right colour for a young child’s room should be considered carefully. Colours such as light blue or green evoke calm and peace so are a great choice for your child’s room. Avoid busy prints and bright colours, which may overstimulate your child. 


Baby&More has everything a nursery needs...and more!

Baby&More has everything a nursery needs...and more!

Renowned nursery distributor Baby&More has excellent links with nursery providers and since their launch nearly 10 years ago, the company has consistently delivered mum-inspired products which work well both at home and in the nursery care environment.


2016 has seen the firm continue to expand existing lines as well as introducing brand new products to the UK nursery market. Baby&More are the exclusive UK distributor of the Wonder Bibs by  Mum 2 Mum.