How to be an eco-friendly nurseries and save your business money

Reducing energy costs in your nursery could save you money this article will give you some insight on how this can be achieved.

​The cost of childcare is increasing, putting added pressure onto parents whose finances are already strained. Some parents within the UK are entitled to 30 hours of free childcare, however this simply isn’t enough to make up the difference between rising costs and stagnant wages anymore.

Nurseries are realising this threat to the UK’s standard of childcare and many are putting plans into action to try and cut their out going money costs to make their care more affordable. One of the ways that nurseries can do this, whilst crating a more positive future for the little people that they look after, is to tackle some of their biggest business overheads.

The question is: How do you reduce the cost of running your nursery without impacting the quality of your child care services?

Reducing energy costs in your nursery

Decreasing the amount of energy you use is a great place to start for any nursery that is looking to achieve lower running costs. 

Working towards smaller bills in this way is also great for your reputation as a ‘green business’, and could even potentially be used as a tool to introduce the little ones that you look after to the importance of being environmentally friendly. 

So, where do you start? Business energy consultancy, Exchange Utility has developed this list of 5 ways that your nursery or childcare centre can start being more eco friendly and cut your gas and electricity bills.

Reducing energy will save your nursery moneyHere’s 5 energy saving tips from Exchange Utility 

1) Control your heating

The best room temperature for a baby is 20-22°C, so there is no need to have your premises warmer than this to keep the children in your care comfortable. If this means that you reduce your temperature by just 1°C, you could potentially have over £100 per year.

2) Replace traditional lightbulbs

Lighting can make up a big portion of your electricity bill, so replace your traditional bulbs with eco-friendly alternatives. This could result in savings of £3 per bulb, per year. If you do this for all of the bulbs in your business, then the results could be well worth your while.

3) Stopping cold air flow

There are several things that can cause a cold airflow in your business, but there are also a number of solutions that can stop it too! 

Here are just a few of the things that you can do to prevent draughts and maintain the heat in your business with ease:

  • Close your windows
  • Install cavity and roof insulation: Fail to do this and you could regularly lose up to ¼ of the heat in your business
  • Cover draughty windows: Use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on a frame or tape clear plastic film to the inside of your window frames during the cold winter months. Make sure the plastic is sealed tightly to the frame to help reduce infiltration
  • Cover bare floors: Floors can account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulation according to the National Energy Foundation (NEF
  • Stay on top of your weather stripping: Worn or torn weather stripping can lose between 7 and 12% of the heat in your building 


4) Full loads of washing only

Children can create quite a lot of mess including plates, cups, spills, dribbles and other items that leave your business with a big pile of washing. 

Ensuring that you fill your washing machine or dishwasher to the brim each time you clean up this mess will automatically decrease the number of loads that you have to do – saving money on cleaning products, water and electricity!

5) Turn everything off when you close for the day

By simply switching off your plugs and powering down, businesses could cut their consumption by 40% (Rainforest Alliance). If you can reduce the amount of power that your nursery uses by this much, logic dictates that you could make a considerable saving on energy too!

Green business practices and child health 

A child’s immune system is still adapting to the world around it means they are less able to fight bacteria, disease and infection.

There is, however, something that you can do to reduce the risk of outbreaks in your day-care centre: Bring in plants or make an internal garden.

This will improve the air quality around your nursery, stopping illnesses that are the result of organic chemicals including: eye/nose/throat irritation, headaches, nausea/ vomiting, dizziness and asthma symptoms.

Easy ways to reduce your energy costs

Aside from energy consumption reduction techniques, there are other quick ways that you can save on your business gas and electricity. 

Many UK businesses are overpaying their energy supplier because they have gone out of contract and rolled onto a standard, higher rate energy tariff. By simply comparing new energy contracts through Exchange Utility, you will gain access to the tariff prices for a range of UK energy suppliers. 

By doing this, you could instantly save 40% on your energy bill spend – What are you waiting for?

Get started today, then use your savings to make more energy cost reduction provisions to save even more!