After school club teaches children good hand hygiene habits

The education of good hand hygiene is essential in the prevention of common illnesses that blight Britain’s children every year. Following the successful launch of the new child-friendly portable hand wash unit Kiddiwash Xtra, a busy Southampton after school club has acquired a unit to teach children about the gold standard of hand hygiene.

Highfield After School Club purchased a Kiddiwash Xtra – designed and developed by TEAL Patents, the world’s leading manufacturer of portable, hot water, hand wash units that require no access to mains water or drainage – at the start of the academic year and has been using the unit daily to keep children safe from germs and illness.

Kiddiwash in use

Melody Knight – proud owner of the new unit and play manager at Highfield After School Club – says: “Children are renowned for exploring and creating with their hands outdoors so we have to take hand hygiene very serious.

“Our Kiddiwash Xtra unit will ensure we can educate our pupils about the dangers of poor hand hygiene and secure a high standard of hygiene for many years to come.

“We use the unit before, during and after art sessions, sports and adventure play. It is also vital before lunch as we don’t want little ones getting tummy upsets and with the Kiddiwash Xtra, we’ve seen a decrease in common illnesses that previously led to children missing fun and exciting sessions.”

The Kiddiwash Xtra – TEAL Patents’ new unit in its successful Kiddiwash range – is a self-contained, portable sink designed to educate children on the benefits of good hand hygiene. Requiring no access to mains water and drainage or electricity, the new unit is flexible for all-round use, especially as the winter bug season approaches.

Providing a minimum of fifteen, twelve-second warm water hand washes, it is ideal for small, delicate hands in schools, clubs and nurseries.

Kiddiwash Xtra 1

Manty Stanley - managing director of Teal Patents – says: “We’re very proud that a great cause like Highfield After School Club is using the Kiddiwash Xtra to provide children with all the necessary hand hygiene skills in order to prevent illness and infection.

“Educating children about the perils of poor hand hygiene at a young age is vital as they will carry these habits for life – a value shared by TEAL and Highfield Club.”

The Kiddiwash Xtra is available to purchase. For more information please visit: 

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