A is for Amazing Alphabet Book

New Personalised Early-Learning Book from Itsyourstory

Reading and writing starts with your A,B,C and now there’s a new book which makes learning the alphabet fun and engaging for young children.

Called ‘From A to Z with <Name of Child>’ this beautifully illustrated book grabs the child’s attention by featuring their face in the illustrations and their name in the text. It’s a perfect book for pre-school children who have not yet been taught their alphabet formally. Every letter is accompanied by a picture and a simple, fun sentence which emphasises the sound – for example, ‘Freddy’s Dinosaur is Daring and Dangerous’, ‘Oliver Octopus has Orange Socks’.

early-learning Alphabet book

Not only will your child learn how letters sound and what they look like, but they will also get to go on an adventure – meeting lots of different animals, building a sandcastle at the beach and even riding a rocket to the moon!

early-learning Alphabet book

It’s the perfect interactive read for young children as each illustration becomes a talking point. What are you painting a picture of? How many carriages are on the train? What colour is your yo-yo?

‘From A-Z with <Name of Child>’ is available from

early-learning Alphabet book

Itsyourstory at www.itsyourstory.co.uk. The 32-page full-colour book includes a message at the front from the sender and retails at £17.50 for the softback version and £20 for the hardback book. Customers upload a photograph of the child as part of the order process.

Bring learning to life and order now!


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