Children’s content channel Toddler Fun Learning develops App to help parents manage screen time and avoid meltdowns

June 28, 2017

The first channel to encourage users to switch them off!

  • Parental Timer function to set the amount of screen time children have
  • Goodbye Song plays to children when time is up to tell them to go and play
  • All content has an educational theme, created for children aged 2 - 6
  • Download videos to watch on the go
  • Created by parents for parents and children
  • 100% ad-free and safe
  • New content published every week
  • Trusted by millions of parents worldwide
  • 5* rated on the Educational App Store – ‘thoroughly excellent learning content’

Family run entertainment channel and YouTube sensation Toddler Fun Learning has developed an App to help parents manage screen time - and avoid potential toddler meltdowns - with the clever Parent Timer function.

Creating a safe environment for children to watch their educational-led content, the Toddler Fun Learning App allows parents to set a timer for five minutes up to one hour and when that time is up the Goodbye Song plays, with the characters from the channel singing goodbye and telling the child it’s time to go and play.

Developed by Founders and parents Amalie and Christian Hughes, Toddler Fun Learning’s video content has over 140 million views on YouTube and 170,000 subscribers.  With a library of videos teaching children everything from numbers, to telling the time and explaining gravity, Toddler Fun Learning aims to create content that both parents and children enjoy. The App also includes shows such as Gecko’s Real Vehicles which teaches children about important vehicles and the dedicated crew that operate them such as volunteers from the RNLI, or the North West Ambulance service.

Amalie Hughes Co-Founder: “Being parents ourselves definitely helps guide us – we create content that we know our kids will love watching and a lot of the ideas come from what our kids are interested in. We’ve created the App as we wanted the ability to download videos to watch on the move but also control how much time they spend watching the content.  Kids are clever.  They know when something hasn’t finished and it causes meltdowns.  No-one wants that, we’ve learnt the hard way with that one, so now other parents don’t have to.”

Children’s Behaviour Expert and Parent Coach Livvy Gormally of Let’s Ask Livvy explains why the parental control helps to avoid tantrums: 

“There are many differing views on screen time and each family must decide what feels right for their children.  I’ve helped many parents to set realistic and age appropriate screen time rules that reflect the needs of their family.   Setting rules with clear boundaries which we can stick to, and keeping to a consistent message from parents and carers can help to avoid screen time related tantrums in our little ones.  The parental control function in the Toddler Fun Learning app is a great tool for setting screen time limits and the Goodbye Song gives kids a clear message that the screen time is over, reducing the “just one more minute/my programme hasn’t finished/I was watching that” discussions that can be the cause of upset or issues.”childgame

Carol Evelegh, Founder and principal of The Kindergartens nursery said: “Screens are part of the curriculum now – we teach children as young as two using screens, but it’s important that it’s the right content and helps them enjoy learning.  The Toddler Fun Learning content is brilliantly created and a pleasure for both children and our nursery staff to engage with.”

The Educational App Store says of the App: “With this app, nursery and pre-school facilities can have safe and on-demand content for engaging their children.  Parents can be reassured that their child is engaging with appropriate content.  Adults and children can share the app together to have fun and learn at the most suitable times.”

All of Toddler Fun Learning’s content is made with an educational element and the App is supported by The Educational App Store with a five star rating.  The Toddler Fun Learning app is free to download and includes samples of the Toddler Fun Learning content and the Parental Timer.  For £1.99 per month, subscribers get access to the full library of content as well as including new weekly content, the Adventure Mode which allows them to download videos to watch anytime, anywhere.

The Toddler Fun Learning app is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

See Toddler Fun Learning’s videos at


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