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January 10, 2017

Are you looking for high quality, colourful, virtually unbreakable tableware for your nursery? Harfield’s range of tableware is the perfect choice for you.

The wide variety of colours will make meal times exciting and fun for your nursery children. And as the items are virtually unbreakable, you can be assured in the knowledge that even the more excitable ones will not be able to break or damage the plates, bowl and tumblers and hurt themselves.

Girl with dishAboy eatingre you looking for your children to have some more independence when eating? Our MultiDish is the ideal solution and is loved by nurseries, children and parents! The deep sides enable children to scoop food and the handles allow even the littlest of hands to hold the dish. Why not try it for yourselves - call or email Carol for a free sample now.

Housekeeping is no problem either.  All our products are dishwasher safe and stackable. Cleaning up has never been so easy!

So whether you are serving breakfast, lunch or tea, our wide range of products will help you find a product that is suitable for all foods, hot and cold.

Who are Harfield?

Since 1961, Harfield has been supplying schools, nurseries, hospitals and commercial organisations with the most attractive polycarbonate tableware that money can buy, for a price that professional caterers can’t help but admire.

Forever leading the way in product innovation, our range of virtually unbreakable tableware continues to expand and reach a constantly growing market. Saving replacement costs to free up investment elsewhere in the business; helping the environment with 100% recyclable solutions.

A family-run concern, Harfield is famous for its commitment to customer service, ‘pulling out all the stops’ to ensure that commercial organisations large and small receive exceptional attention.

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