Helps Nurseries Tackle Childcare Recruitment Problems

September 11, 2017

A new and innovative CV search tool has been launched by to help nurseries and children’s centres find the right staff.
The tool allows nurseries and children’s centres (employers) to search for candidates based on the desired job role, salary expectations, languages spoken, location and type of contract that they have stated.
The innovation will provide vital support to nurseries that are currently having to contend with the 30 hours ‘free’ childcare policy, the introduction of the national living wage, and rising business costs.
When an employer clicks on a CV they are interested in, they can then save it, add notes and email the candidate directly.
Employers are also able to set up a CV Alert to ensure they are the first to know about new candidates coming on the market, and are able to choose between monthly, weekly, daily or hourly frequency, as well as an immediate alert option.
The search tool is equally useful to people looking for a job in a nursery as they can register their CV for free, in the knowledge it will be viewed by a wide range of employers. This is the case for experienced workers as well as childcare students who have not yet qualified, but who want to alert employers to their availability.
The Government stipulates that nurseries must have a certain number of staff per number of children, and so unfilled vacancies disrupt the required ratios. The new CV search tool will help employers to fill these gaps quicker and more efficiently.
For more information on CV Search go to
If you wish to sign up to register your CV go to

Oli Blackwell, Chief Technical Officer of said:
“The first five years of a child’s life help to shape the adult they become and nursery practitioners can be integral to their development and wellbeing during this vital stage.
“We realise that unfilled vacancies can be a real problem for nurseries and we are hoping our new CV search tool will make a real difference and help to reduce recruitment problems.
“In addition, it will make it much easier for people to put themselves forward for jobs, and find roles that fit their needs and requirements.”


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