But how do I choose the right nursery?

September 18, 2017

Janna, Nursery Manager at Wiggles & Giggles Day Nursery, provides five top tips for choosing the right nursery for your child.

Choosing the right nursery will depend on many factors based on location, size or whether it is near the school you would want your child to attend.  Once you’ve decided on these factors, the following should help you decide which nursery is right for your child.

1) Get online

Look at the nursery website to get a feel about what their values are.  You should also be able to see their latest Ofsted report which will tell you what they do well and comments from other parents.  Facebook and twitter are also great places to look at what the children get up to whilst they are there.


wiggles fingers2) Compare

Once you have a shortlist, go through what you like about each one.  Then, make a list of questions and contact the nurseries to ask them to send you further information.  Once you have that, it’s time to organise your visits.


3) Question

It’s key to ask about any concerns you have as you need to be 100% happy leaving your child there.  Ask about safety guidelines, illness, opening and closing times, door security and emergency procedures.


4) Pay a visit

You may have been recommended a nursery by a friend or colleague, but always go and visit.  Just because it’s the right nursery for a friend doesn’t mean it will be right for your child.  Also, visit more than one nursery and if necessary visit a few times both with and without your child.  Is the nursery a happy, secure and friendly place that you want to leave your child?  How is your child at the nursery? What activities do they provide?


5) Help is at hand

You’ll find many online directories that can help you locate the nurseries in your area, we like www.daynurseries.co.uk


Wiggles & Giggles Day Nursery is a nursery and pre-school at Birmingham Business Park.  



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