How will a 30-hour entitlement impact on parent partnerships?

January 5, 2017

Parent satisfaction with the quality of their relationships with nursery staff is high, as evidenced by continuous national benchmark research carried out by Ceeda on behalf of nurseries across the country. Here Dr Jo Verrill, Ceeda MD, shares the latest findings and explores how a 30 hour offer may bring about new challenges in building effective parent partnerships.

Measured across a range of questions from receiving a warm welcome to feeling involved, consulted and informed about their child’s progress, the average rating for this vital aspect of provision is 8.98 out of a possible 10.00, based on feedback from 9,034 surveys in the last twelve months. 

The friendliness and approachability of staff achieves an average score of 9.28; the extent to which staff respect and carry out parents’ wishes is close behind at 9.06. Ratings on parents’ sense of feeling involved and actively encouraged to play a role in their child’s development are positive but suggest scope for further improvement with an average rating of 8.49, the same can be said of the extent to which parents feel in touch with what happens during their child’s time in nursery, reaching an average score of 8.55.

When children attend more than one setting, communication about a child’s day, observations and assessments of development become more complex. Dr Jo Verrill,

jo verrollDr Jo Verrill

Managing Director at Ceeda says:

“Over three quarters of four year olds taking up their 15-hour place (77%) currently do so in a school setting, as do 36% of three year olds. Pressure on school capacity, limited opening hours and term time operating models in much of this provision will mean working parents may need to consider a mix of provision to access their child’s full 30 hour entitlement. 

We all recognise that sharing information on children’s activities, wellbeing and development forms a central part of effective partnerships. This becomes more challenging when multiple settings, staff, policies and procedures are involved. With the national rollout just eight months away, now is the time to take stock of current practice, build on what is already working well and anticipate future pressure points.”

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