The importance of music in early education

June 22, 2017

Young children have an almost natural musicality; adoring all sorts of fun, musical interactions, be it through song, rhymes, moving or playing an instrument.  We’ve all seen the joy in a child’s face when they’ve pulled out the pots and pans and are banging away merrily with a wooden spoon or dancing and twirling around the kitchen to an upbeat tune on the radio.


Even from a very young age music can be a powerful mood enhancer making children feel happy, excited, calm or even sad.  Children seem to recognise and appreciate the beauty and transformative qualities that music has to offer. 


What role does music play in supporting young children’s early development?bubble
The Early Years Framework includes music as a key area of development within expressive arts and design. Music plays a fundamental role in supporting young children's early development by encouraging talking and movement, as well as developing emotional and memory skills.  When children play with percussion instruments such as rattles or shakers, they are developing essential fine motor skills, while developing children’s musical ear lays firm foundations for recognising and making speech sounds.


How can musical apps help develop musical play?

Young children love to play on a tablet and at this age it’s about making sure their digital interactions provide quality learning opportunities which are creative and fun.  There are some great musical apps out there which introduce young children to the joy of music and encourage them to express themselves creatively. On Hopster, for instance, we’ve introduced a new musical underwater game that helps kids learn to play simple tunes and play back a series of notes. The new game joins Hopster’s suite of fun learning games, all housed in a colourful games blimp. For musical inspiration, kids can listen to over 100 songs and nursery rhymes in the app including Hopster’soriginal music playlist, Hopster Jam.

by Lelia Ingram, Education Advisor at Hopster

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