Let your pupils get inspired by this year’s Kiddiwash Clean Hands Competition

March 24, 2017

Nurseries and pre-schools across the UK have another chance to win a key piece of equipment to help their young pupils learn the importance of proper handwashing through the 2017 Kiddiwash Clean Hands Competition.  At the same time, it offers a fun activity for enthusiastic, young artists using their own clean hands as their inspiration.


Hoping to repeat the success of last year’s competition, TEAL Patents will award a free Kiddisynk to one winner and a Kiddiwash Xtra to two runners-up.  Kiddiwash is a range of portable, warm-water, hand washing basins specifically designed for use without mains plumbing – either water supply or drainage.  Simple to enter, the competition can be easily incorporated into a hand-washing lesson, making it both fun and memorable. 

Young contestants need only draw an outline around their hand – after washing, of course – and then they can let their imaginations run free as they decorate their drawn hands in any way they choose.


There will be one winning nursery receiving a Kiddisynk – a freestanding unit which can be wheeled into position to provide a warm-water, hand wash, wherever and whenever needed. The unit requires no access to mains water, drainage or electrical sockets as it holds up to eight litres of water, which is enough to clean 40 pairs of hands on a 10-second hand wash cycle.  The Kiddisynk also has a unique ‘Flippi-tap’ which makes it perfect for small hands.


Two runners-up will also receive a Kiddiwash Xtra – an easily portable, table-top unit that can be used indoors or out.  It keeps water warm for several hours, provides a minimum of fifteen, twelve-second hand washes per filling and is specially designed for the smallest hands.  Each winning artist will receive a special prize-winner’s certificate as well as leave their legacy to their nursery.


One of last year’s winners was Roxwell Pre-School in Chelmsford.  They were so impressed by the TEAL Kiddiwash that they invested in a Kiddisynk unit.  Roxwell’s prize Kiddiwash Xtra has been put to good use since it arrived, as nursery manager, April Little, explains: “We take children from the age of two and, by using our Kiddiwash, we get them into good bathroom habits by setting it at the right height.  That way, our toddlers can follow others example and wash their hands whereas they struggle to reach ordinary hand basins.  In this way, Kiddiwash helps build their independence.


“We are thrilled with both units.  They’re really useful - great for messy play outdoors because it means we no longer have to bring children inside to wash their hands and it helps us teach them about the importance of clean hands.”  


The competition is free to enter and entry packs can be downloaded from the Kiddiwash website at www.kiddiwash.com.  The entry packs are available to download now and the closing date for receipt of entries, by post, is Monday, 01 May 2017. 


The winning nurseries will be announced Monday, 22 May 2017. For the full terms and conditions and to download your Kiddiwash Clean Hands Competition pack, please visit www.kiddiwash.com/kiddiwash-giveaway/


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