Nursery distributers Dinky Dragon introduce i-angel hip-seat carrier

Why i-angel? 

The Dinky Dragon girls were so impressed by this product when they discovered it that they knew this was the perfect product to launch Dinky Dragon.

The ingenious hip-seat feature on the i-angel offers users comfortable weight distribution, meaning babies and children can be carried for longer periods of time, resulting in happier little people AND big people.

Due to the multiple positions you can carry your little one, the i-angel is able to support your family all the way through your baby wearing years from 0-3, replacing the need to buy 3 different carriers.

Made from 100% cotton with teething pads, and detachable hip-seat, the i-Angel offers you and your baby the very best support right from the start!

Dinky Dragon i-Angel

Health Benefits for Baby 

The optimal position for babies being carried is to have their thighs supported and their hips and knees bent (flexed). For healthy hips, the legs should be allowed to spread apart naturally and for freedom of movement to occur. The hip-seat element of the i-angel carrier allows the baby to maintain this position at all times and in all modes of wearing.

3 Carriers in 1 

Replacing the need to buy 3 different carriers, the i-angel hip-seat carrier is a baby carrier, hip-seat and toddler backpack all in one. It can be worn in a variety of positions including the baby facing in and out, front and back. Its unique design allows for the carrier to be adapted from a hip-seat baby carrier to hip seat that can carry a toddler up to the age of 3.

Better Comfort for Parent 

Due to the hip-seat carrier, weight is distributed between waist and shoulders with no unnecessary pressure on the pelvis or back like traditional baby carriers – very important for new mums whose bodies are more vulnerable to additional weight due to the relaxin hormone produced before birth.

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