Owl Track quick and easy to use saving time and money

"Owl Track is an online tracking system that helps nurseries, pre- schools and childminders track the progress of their children and plan individual learning experiences and next steps. It gives accurate information for Ofsted and is fully interactive with parents. Owl Track is ideal for helping practitioners identify gaps in attainment and helps identify if further professional intervention is necessary. The system works on any device that has an internet connection and allows practitioners to undertake real time observations and assessment. Owl Track is owned by the nursery press  www.thenurserypress.co.uk and has been running for over four years. It is managed by experienced nursery practitioners who work in Early Years and have up to date knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted requirements. Help and Support is always just a phone call away and can be given on evenings and weekends as well as during normal business hours. A key feature of Owl Track are the individual learning plans or Learning journeys that read as a story and are found in one place making them extremely accessible for parents ofsted and setting staff. The characteristics of effective learning can be easily added  to create a common thread throughout the childs plan. Overall Owl Track is quick and easy to use saving settings time and money."

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