The ultimate cookbook for every parent

The Little Dish Family Cookbook, Hillary Graves - Proper food for parents to make and enjoy with their children

The Little Dish Family Cookbook is a must-have cooking companion for any parent who wants their child to enjoy food, learn to cook and eat well. Unlike a lot of family cookbooks, it’s packed full of healthy and delicious savoury recipes that children will enjoy making, and love eating. It also includes all the classic sweet treats but these are made using less sugar and have exciting new flavour twists.

The inspiring cookbook is written by Little Dish founder, Hillary Graves. Little Dish believes it's crucial to get children familiar with food, and cooking from an early age, in order to lay the foundations for healthy eating habits. The book contains 101 healthy, delicious and simple family recipes, which children can help prepare. There’s even a special reward chart so budding little cooks can track their progress in the kitchen.


Free recipes are available from the book for publicity purposes:

Aubergine Bake                     Fish fingers                                Turkey Bolognaise









Bircher Muesli                       Purple Smoothie                   Peanut Butter Squares









Little Dish makes a convenient range of healthy and delicious meals for toddlers and young children. All of the meals are made from 100% natural ingredients and adhere to strict nutritional guidelines. They are low in salt, contain no added sugar and no additives or preservatives. Little Dish aims to provide parents with the sort of healthy and tasty meals they'd make every day at home if there were only enough hours in the day.

The company has received prestigious awards including: the Marketing Society's 'Best New Brand', shortlisted for the IGD ‘Outstanding Small Business’ award and was gold in both the 2012 and 2013 'Loved by Parents' awards. Find out more at

Hardback £14.99

About the author: Originally from New York, Hillary Graves lives in London with her husband Dean and two sons, Monty, 8, and Ridley, 6. Hillary has been creating healthy meals that children love for nearly ten years. Her first book The Little Dish Favourites Cookbook (Hodder & Stoughton) was published in June 2010.


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