Top 10 Myths about teaching Science in EYFS

Top 10 Myths about teaching Science in EYFS

1. Science is too complicated

Whilst I think teaching advanced quantum mechanics to 3 year olds might be taking things a little too far, science is all around us and in everything we see and do. Anything is complicated when you look at it in enough detail.

Teaching the basic principles of science including: experimentation, observation, deducing / concluding findings, evidence based approaches, discovery, analysing, questioning, finding out the answers are things that children do naturally.

We need to nurture this in built curiosity and start to hone these skills from an early age. Skills that will be useful in all walks of life whether or not you end up becoming the next Stephen Hawking.

Choosing childcare, what are the options around nursery sessions?

young girl

For whatever reason, the decision to leave your child in the care of someone else is a very difficult one. Thankfully there is a world of choice when it comes to options and online search platforms such as that really does help to make difficult decisions easier. 

The Nanny

A Nanny has a more autonomous role, ensuring your child’s wellbeing and safety through responsible supervision within your own home. 

The award winning Cubetto Playset now available

Cubetto Playset

Cubetto is a Montessori-approved coding toy, designed to help children aged three years and up to write their first programs using a friendly wooden robot, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of tangible blocks, instead of text on screens.

Cubetto represents a significant benchmark in the field of computer programming, as it significantly lowering the age barrier for learning to code by removing a screen based interaction.

The aim of the toy is to control Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot who likes to be told where to go and how to get there, by creating sequences of instructions (programs) using the colourful blocks placed on Cubetto’s “board” or “control panel”: 

Creating the perfect sleep environment for your child


Helping your child get into a good sleeping routine can be challenging. A great place to start is to look at your child’s sleep environment. Their physical space can influence their approach to settling down and get to sleep peacefully. The following tips will help you create the perfect sleep environment for your child. 

Calming Colours

The colour painted on your child’s bedroom walls will influence their sleep routine more than you think, so choosing the right colour for a young child’s room should be considered carefully. Colours such as light blue or green evoke calm and peace so are a great choice for your child’s room. Avoid busy prints and bright colours, which may overstimulate your child. 


Baby&More has everything a nursery needs...and more!

Baby&More has everything a nursery needs...and more!

Renowned nursery distributor Baby&More has excellent links with nursery providers and since their launch nearly 10 years ago, the company has consistently delivered mum-inspired products which work well both at home and in the nursery care environment.


2016 has seen the firm continue to expand existing lines as well as introducing brand new products to the UK nursery market. Baby&More are the exclusive UK distributor of the Wonder Bibs by  Mum 2 Mum.  


West Kent College to Host Early Years Conference – 10th February 2017

early years conference

West Kent College is delighted to announce that it is hosting an Early Years Conference on the 10th February next year – an event designed to bring together practitioners, providers, students and those with any interest in teaching or working with children.

The conference will feature interactive workshops, a host of trade stands showcasing useful new resources, and presentations from guest speakers, including the hugely popularinteractive storyteller Vanessa Woolf and Carol Archer, Early Years Advisory teacher from Camden Council, discussing promotion of physical development in limited spaces.

WHAT: Early Years Conference 

WHEN: 10th February 2017, from 9:30am-12:30pm

Dinosaur Douglas Books

Dinosaur Douglas Book cover

Dinosaur Douglas Books are the only books offering a fun, new way to explore health-related subjects for Early Years children, including oral health, vitamin D and obesity. Written in rhyme by children’s author Heather Maisner (over 35 titles), these illustrated books are ideal for bedtime reading and literacy.

When Heather discovered that the average five-year-old was consuming the equivalent of their body weight in sugar each year, she decided something dynamic needed to be done.

Joining forces with Paediatric Consultants at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, she created a fun, rhyming story about naughty Dinosaur Douglas, highlighting the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Top Tips For Getting Your Kids To Eat Their Five A Day!

rainbow pizza

Struggle to ensure your little ones get their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day? Despair at the thought of another fight over a family meal or another lunchbox left untouched? Well don’t worry, there are many ways to introduce more fruit and veg into your family's diet, no matter how fussy they are!

1. Make eating fruit and vegetables fun!

Rather than sticking with toast or a boring bowl of cereal in the morning, why not make breakfast the most important meal of the day by creating a fruit rainbow! Simply combine some frozen pineapple and mango, almond milk, dragon fruit, spinach, kiwi in a blender until smooth to make a yummy smoothie. Then serve in a bowl then top with some granola and sliced fresh or tinned fruits. 

Fully funded courses available in for early years, childcare and play sector professionals across Wales

Yana Hughes and Adele Mitchell

A range of fully funded courses, worth up to £4.7m, aimed at upskilling nurseries and childcare providers are now available to professionals within the early years, childcare and play sector in Wales. 

As part of the Progress for Success ESF programme, the Welsh Government is funding nationally-recognised qualifications at Levels 2 and 3 for individuals working in the childcare sector, with the aim of providing greater educational opportunities for children in Wales.

Itec Skills and Employment has been selected to deliver the programme across 18 local authorities in South, Mid and North Wales including Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil, Blaenau Gwent, Flintshire, Wrexham, Cardiff, Newport and Monmouthshire.