Imaginative Play

Innovative range of education furniture is child's play to leading manufacturers

British Thornton launches new range of nursery equipment

A new range of educational furniture is set to make playtime healthier than ever, thanks to a special anti-bacterial surface treatment. 

Manufacturers of education furniture British Thornton is proud to present a new range of innovative educational furniture to inspire young children and help staff maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

The new trudy nursery range has been specifically designed to meet need highlighted by nursery manager, while allowing children to enjoy learning and interaction through the use of solid, natural materials, minimal colour and designs that encourage imaginative play. 

The Best Outdoor Equipment For Imaginative Play

Playing outdoors is not just about keeping kids active. Many vital social and emotional skills can be learnt through creative and imaginative exercises. The outdoors is great for this purpose, because it provides children with a ready-made world to explore together. By engaging their imaginations, children can discover more about the world around them, solving problems with creative thought and building relationships through social mimicry.

Introducing equipment and activities that encourage this kind of play can enrich your pupil’s development. There are many types of imaginative play, but the following tend to make the most of your outdoor area.