Innovative range of education furniture is child's play to leading manufacturers

British Thornton launches new range of nursery equipment

A new range of educational furniture is set to make playtime healthier than ever, thanks to a special anti-bacterial surface treatment. 

Manufacturers of education furniture British Thornton is proud to present a new range of innovative educational furniture to inspire young children and help staff maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

The new trudy nursery range has been specifically designed to meet need highlighted by nursery manager, while allowing children to enjoy learning and interaction through the use of solid, natural materials, minimal colour and designs that encourage imaginative play. 

The Paw Patrol and Noddy’s WhoWhatWhere Tablet

Paw Patrol Blazon

KD UK’s Noddy’s WhoWhatWhere Tablet features in each episode of the new TV series Noddy, Toyland Detective. The WhoWhatWhere Tablet helps Noddy and friends complete missions through various games. Children can now learn about numbers, colours, letters, instruments, shapes and more; whilst having lots of fun with the Toyland gang. The Tablet helps children develop important learning skills such as hand eye coordination, sound recognition, and imaginative role play. It lets young ones enjoy hours of creative role play and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Suitable for children aged 18+ months.

Childcare Expo - It’s more than just an exhibition

Childcare Expo

As an Early Years Practitioner, it’s all about preparation, learning and achieving day to day. At Childcare Expo, you can do all of this in one day. By attending the show dedicated to the early years industry, childcare professionals can save both time and money along with filling up their bags and minds with heaps of useful and inspiring knowledge and tools that they can take straight back to their setting.

Eden bring the heart of the countryside to suburban Liverpool

Outdoor learning specialists Eden Play have completely transformed an urban playground into a truly spectacular natural landscape.

Clubmoor Children’s Centre on the outskirts of Liverpool offers not only a day nursery, but also acts as a gateway to a wide range of children’s and family support provision.  Along with their sister site, Ellergreen in the Norris Green area of Liverpool, this amazing facility and its caring, professional staff provides an invaluable support service to the local community.

The Benefits Of Musical Play In Your Nursery Playground

Music is always present in one form or another throughout our lives. Even as babies, we’re influenced by the music our parents choose to play at home. Music also promotes self-expression and can be an incredible tool for learning. For toddlers and preschoolers, it can be the perfect accompaniment to active play and has many uses both inside and outside the classroom.

The Wonders Of Water Play

Not only is water an abundant natural resource, it is also a great resource for learning too. Although it may seem like all that splashing around is for nothing, there are a lot of valuable lessons that young children can learn from quality water play. Introducing water tables to your nursery can help children develop much needed motor and cognitive skills in a fun and changing environment.

Developing Problem Solving Skills Through Experimentation

Bringing Literacy To Life In The Playground

Sometimes children need a little extra stimulation to get them thinking and responding. Whilst classrooms can be great spaces for quiet, concentrated learning, they don’t offer the same opportunities as the outdoors. Taking lessons outside not only allows children to let off steam, but also encourages them to be more engaged in their learning.

Communication and Literacy are subjects that many young children find difficult to grasp at first because the idea of words and sentences is completely foreign to them. Rather than sitting them down in front of a book and hoping for the best, children can benefit from games and activities which allow them to actively engage with the material.